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How Maids In 60 Seconds Works?



Our experts will work with you to establish a cleaning schedule that fits your busy life. Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, our experts are here for you! Contact us now to book your cleaning service!



Our professional cleaning crew exclusively uses high-quality products in order to ensure a thorough, long-lasting clean. Give us a call now to find out why we're Austin's preferred cleaning service!



There is nothing worse than coming home to a dirty house. Let our cleaning experts take this stress off your shoulders with our routine cleaning services. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

About Us

Maids in 60 seconds is a family-owned business started by an Austinite. We wanted to make booking a cleaning service easy and seamless, Calling or emailing a maid service and waiting for a quote seemed dated and unnecessary. In this new world, why couldn't maid service be ordered like an Uber... quickly and cash-free. We leveraged a process that automated maid service booking connecting busy customers with an army of qualified maids...quickly and safely. We pride ourselves on providing the most hassle-free maid service in the industry. No contracts. No long wait times. Our maids are more than employees. They are family. All of our maids are highly trained and paid a livable wage. We take great pride in providing opportunities for those looking to earn a living or supplement their income through home cleaning services. We believe that earning a livable wage is a human right. We are happily serving the Austin, Tx and surrounding cities
(Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar park, etc)

We Provide Our Best Cleaning Services for You.

100% Satisfaction

If you’re not content with your cleaning, we will come out and re-clean within a 3 day window !

Office Cleaning

A clean and hygienic workplace helps your
team stay comfortable, happy, and
productive. No one enjoys working in a grimy or germy office, never mind the impression it leaves on potential clients. Click below to learn more or give us a call now!

House Cleaning

Imagine coming home to a completely clean, fresh-smelling home after a long day of work. Our experts will take the stress of cleaning off your shoulders. Contact us now to learn more or to schedule an appointment today! 

Floor Cleaning

We offer high-quality floor cleaning services in Austin, TX, and nearby areas. Whether you have vinyl tile flooring or hardwood flooring, our team is here for you! Call now to book an appointment!


Our thorough bathroom cleaning services include: Sanitizing Counter and Sinks, Scrubing Toilets, Cleaning Showers, Mopping Floors, Wiping Down Mirrors. Call now to schedule an appointment!


Bedroom cleaning services you can trust. Our services include: Bed Making, Dusting, Vacuuming,
Wiping Down Blinds.
Weekly Cleaning Recommended!

Livingroom Cleaning

Our living room cleaning services include: Dusting, Straightening and Dusting Nick Knacks, Vacuuming. Click below to learn more or give us a call today!


Our kitchen cleaning services include: Sanitizing Counters and Sink, Mopping FLoors, Wiping Down Exterior of Major Appliances And 
Cabinets. Contact us now for kitchen cleaning in Austin, TX.

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